How do I prepare for Lawrence Pet Friends?

Please provide a way to reach you while you are away.

Adjust the thermostat to keep the house comfortable for the pet during your absence. In warm weather, a closed up house can get dangerously hot in a short period.

Tell us of any household areas that are off limits to your pets or to us. Secure access to those areas before leaving home.  Let us know if your cat has a special hiding place so we can make sure she is ok.

Please keep us updated on your pet’s health and advise us of any problems they may have …major or minor.

Provide written verification that your pet is up to date on vaccinations.

Make sure your dog’s collar fits correctly if we’ll be going for a walk and tell us where you keep the leash.

Make a list of your pet’s favorite hiding places. This will prevent us from worrying if your pet is not where expected.

Upon arriving home please let us know, so we don’t worry!

Email us for reservations at lpfreservations@gmail.com

What do you do if my pet becomes sick or injured?benson

The first thing we do is contact you, the client to formulate a plan of action.  If it requires a trip to the veterinarian, we will do that.   If not, we will monitor the situation and keep you posted.  If we cannot reach you by phone (or your emergency contacts), we will use our best judgment, which may include taking the pet to the veterinarian for an assessment.   You can call our office number any time and leave a message if we are not available.  The voice mail is checked several times per day. Additionally, our staff is trained in Pet CPR and First Aid.

How many times a day do you come?

We have found that a minimum of 3 times per day is sufficient for normal, healthy dogs.  We come around 8a, 3p and 9p for a bedtime tuck in.  That is six to seven hours between visits.

Puppies and senior dogs may need 4 times per day.  Those visits are usually 8a, 12p, 5p and 9p.

For cats and all other pets, we recommend a minimum of once per day.

How long do you stay?

Our minimum visit for pet sitting is 20 minutes.  We have found that is the minimum amount of time it takes on average to feed, walk or play, scoop boxes, etc.   Homes with multiple pets will naturally require longer visits.  Remember, our goal is to keep them in their routine and we also want to also provide them with TLC while you are away.

For a mid day walk or occasions when you can’t get home to let your dog out, we offer a minimum 15 minute walk.  Of course we recommend a longer walk if your dog needs more time or has some energy to burn off.

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Can I set my alarm?Bucket

Yes!  We recommend you do that.  You will just need to provide the code and password to us.  We suggest  you contact your alarm system and tell them we will be entering your home.  And we would need the alarm company’s information just in case the alarm is set off accidentally.

Can I trust the people coming into my home?

We are very particular and thorough about who we hire to join our exceptional pet sitting team.  We have a very lengthy hiring and training process which includes multiple interviews, calling references and a back ground check.  New sitters are give one on one training by one of our veteran staff members.   We can provide references from current clients at any time.

Why should I keep my key on file?

By keeping your key on file with us, all you need to do to make a reservation is send an email with the dates you need!  This also allows us to take reservations on short notice if you need us. Our security bonding and liability insurance allows you peace of mind in knowing we will safeguard your key.  Of course it is not a requirement to do so.  If, however, you would like your key returned, there will be a $5 fee each time we pick it up and return it.

Do you administer medications?

Yes, our staff is trained in administering medications orally and via injection. We have lots of experience with senior and special needs pets as well.






A Few Helpful Tips

Test the key you provide to make sure it works.

Provide extra food and supplies in case you are delayed.

Close doors to rooms that are off limits to the pets.

Make sure all doors and windows are shut and locked.

Make sure all toilet seats are down.

Make sure all gates to the fence are shut.